Tone Report Weekly Issue 144 - Page 50

INSTRUCTIONS: STEP 1: Determine the top of the board (the cut is situated on the bottom) and place your resistor in its appropriate spot on the non-copper­side. Bend the leads outward to hold it in place, flip the board over and solder it. Snip the leads close to the board, and use one of them to make the jumper wire. Bend those outward and solder it in place. Save the other lead. STEP 2: Place the sockets into the board and place something flat on top, like your enclosure’s lid. Applyin g some force, flip the board and lid over, holding the sockets in place, then solder them in. STEP 3: Insert the capacitors, bend the leads, then solder and clip. STEP 4: Trim the diode and transistor legs to fit, then insert them in the sockets. 50 DIY // My First DIY: We’re Building a Bazz Fuss!