Tone Report Weekly Issue 144 - Page 48

FOR THE CIRCUIT BOARD, WE’RE GOING TO NEED THE FOLLOWING PARTS: RESISTOR • 1/4 watt, metal film 10k CAPACITORS • 63-volt film capacitors, 470nF (also called 0.47uF) and 100nF (0.1uF) TRANSISTOR • MPSA13 (a black silicon type known for very high gain) DIODE • BAT41 (for the curious, this is a “Shottkey” type, renowned for its low clipping threshold) POTENTIOMETER • 100kA (The “A” is shorthand for logarithmic taper) MISCELLANEOUS • 1x stripboard (sometimes sold under the brand name “Veroboard”) cut and prepared according to the diagram • 2x 3x1 sockets, optional (these are sold in strips as SIP sockets, and you cut them to fit. These make for easy interchangeability between parts if you don’t like the configuration I’ve specified. Because the circuit has so few parts, even the slightest parts changes yield big results.) LET’S TAKE A LOOK AT THE STRIPBOARD FIRST. STRIPBOARD IS A PIECE OF BOARD WHERE ALL THE ROWS ARE CONNECTED HORIZONTALLY BY STRIPS OF COPPER, HENCE THE NAME. 48 DIY // My First DIY: We’re Building a Bazz Fuss!