Tone Report Weekly Issue 144 - Page 47

CRAIG ANDERTON’S OPUS, ELECTRONIC PROJECTS FOR MUSICIANS, SPOKE OF A TIME WHEN TRANSISTORS WERE LARGELY OBSOLETED, AND THE DAY OF THE IC WAS UPON US. When the book was published in 1975, the movement to integrated circuits seemed like a logical progression. However, like neon clothing, fanny packs and Ecto Cooler, what’s old is new again and suddenly more people were building pedals with transistors than ever before. The bulk of nascent circuit builders on the cusp of the Internet owe their entire hobby to one simple six-part circuit: the Bazz Fuss. Designed by a man simply known as “Christian” and originally hosted on an Angelfire webpage, the Bazz Fuss represents the dawn of the information age in terms of guitar effects. This bone-simple six-component circuit represents the bare minimum in stompbox design, yet it sounds incredibly good. At a time when companies like Z. Vex, Frantone and Klon were pumping out inspiring designs, those of us without any background in electronics were left to circuits like the Bazz Fuss, and even to this day, it is the first pedal build of many novices. And today, you are that novice. Because it’s a very low-parts count circuit, small changes mean big differences, and the circuit has been reimagined several times as the epoch of DIY effects has stretched outward. As someone who cut their teeth on this circuit, I’m giving you what I believe to be the best version of it that I’ve ever made. In this guide, I’m going to detail the parts, what types to order, and exactly how to perform every step. You might even use this as a guide in future builds, or at least until you get the hang of it. 47