Tone Report Weekly Issue 144 - Page 43

Squier J. Mascis Jazzmaster Squier’s J. Mascis Jazzmaster is ridiculous. Never have I been so impressed by a sub-$500 instrument. The satin neck is comfortable and effortless to play. The pickups are higheroutput than standard Jazzmaster types, so you have enough girth to rock the house, but they are still dynamic and capable of providing more classic Jazzmaster tones. It also has an AdjustO-Matic bridge to combat the ageold Jazzmaster bridge problems. With its bold vintage white and gold color scheme, it’s ready to go onstage and play long, feedback-drenched sets. If you’re not crazy about the golden pickguard, the American Standard Jazzmaster guards will fit, and you can give it your own personal touch. It’s a great option for J. Mascis fans, or anyone looking to add a Jazzmaster to the stable without dropping a lot of coin. If you’ve ever turned up your nose at Squier guitars, I’ve got two words for you: you’re wrong. This is a sick axe, and you have no reason not to add it to your collection. What signature guitar do you rock on stage? If you were given the chance to design your own, what would it look like? I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at signature guitars, and I hope the artists that gave birth to the axes inspire you for years to come in your own musical endeavors. 43