Tone Report Weekly Issue 144 - Page 41

Reverend Billy Corgan BC1 I’ve aways felt that Billy Corgan is underrated as a guitarist. He may not be in the number one slot on a guitar hero listicle, but he has played some of the most legendary songs of our time, and heavy tones to go with them. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness changed my life when it came out, and if you also cry when you listen to it, you can shed even more tears when you lay your hands on his signature guitar from Reverend. Featuring a korina body, the center is raised, providing a Firebird-esque look, while the wings are chambered to increase resonance while keeping the weight down. The bolt-on maple neck and fingerboard has an oval shape and 12-inch radius. The pickups are Billy’s own Railhammer signature design, aimed at achieving huge humbucker tones with the clarity and snap of a P-90. Top that off with some sweet finish options and a radical aluminum pickguard, and you have a fantastic signature guitar that’ll take you from zero to hero with one chord. 41