Tone Report Weekly Issue 144 - Page 35

Fender The Edge Stratocaster More known for his creation of complementary soundscapes and rhythms than for blistering solos, The Edge is an integral part of U2, one of the world’s biggest bands. Like most guitarists, he has a whole stable full of axes to choose from, but one of his more iconic choices is the black-onblack ‘70s Fender Stratocaster used extensively on War. Edge probably could have chosen any guitar he wanted for a signature model, so it’s telling that he selected a Strat. They are flexible guitars, allowing for the player to leave their sonic signature. The Edge Stratocaster features Fender Fat ‘50s pickups in the neck and middle positions, while the bridge features a DiMarzio FS-1, and all the pickups have flat pole pieces. A very cool feature that I wish more Fenders had is the rounded neck heel, which allows for smooth upper fret access. It only comes in black, but hey, you can add more colors with all of the sweet, sweet music you make with it. 35