Tone Report Weekly Issue 144 - Page 30

W e all have guitar heroes—they’re the players that inspire us to pick up the instrument. Whether it was a riveting television performance or an incredible live show, we’ve all had that moment where we were hypnotized by our favorite players, and because we associated them with their instrument, we wanted what they had, and wanted it bad. Everyone has wanted a Stratocaster at some point in their playing career because of Jimi Hendrix. Many a businessman have purchased an SG in hopes of walking away from accounting to become the next Angus Young. Musical artists have an incredible amount of influence on the way guitars are designed and marketed. I’ve always liked signature guitars because they have that little something extra, some special adjustments that come from years of tearing it up on stage and in the studio. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the excellent signature guitars available today. 30