Tone Report Weekly Issue 144 - Page 24

some time would pass that people would get over attacking me personally and want the product again. It took a bit longer than those five years to go full circle, but he was right. By the end of 2015 it was clear to me that people really did want the line back. There were some disappointments and hard knocks trying to get Frantone back into production, but crowdfunding is one of the greatest things to come about in recent years, and a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign in February brought Frantone back in earnest this year. TR: You are one of the only women in the pedal-building industry, which in 24 INTERVIEW // my opinion is very commendable. Do you find that you are treated differently because of it? And how do you feel your gender affects your business if at all? FB: I can only speak for myself, so truthfully I have no way of knowing if others are treated any differently, but it is and has always been a boys’ club. So, in that sense, if everyone is treated equally, then inclusion means having to be another one of the guys. Any guitar forum will show that this is not a culture that women would create or really ever desire to be a part of, which is a major obstacle to diversity right at the front gate—it’s perfectly tuned for attracting The Return of Real Boutique: A Chat with Fran Blanche of Frantone