Tone Report Weekly Issue 140 - Page 9

➍ CAST ENGINEERING LETS US FEEL THE PULSE DRIVE ➍ The Pulse Drive from CAST Engineering is based on a classic transistorized tremolo circuit renowned for its depth and smooth character. It then couples that circuit with a massive 30-decibel clean boost to ensure it carves through any mix out there. Users can set the boost to gently push their amps, then use the tremolo as a way to rhythmically redline the preamp. ➎ BANANANA EFFECTS LETS LOOSE THE AURORA ➎ The Aurora from Bananana Effects acts as a short delay with a pitch shifted twist. This tiny pedal offers up repeats that shift the pitch up, at a rate and interval that you desire. A Mix control works with Pitch and Feedback to dial in any amount of pitch shifting, from one single repeat to out-of-control glitch madness. In lieu of a stomp switch, the Aurora uses a highquality arcade button. ➏ MAGNETIC EFFECTS HOLDS COURT WITH THE BUZZER ➏ Magnetic Effects announces a limited run of Buzzers, based on the long-lost classic Baldwin-Burns Buzzaround. The original pedal was an all-germanium design renowned for its versatility, a rarity in those days. The Buzzer eliminates the original’s finicky volume control and adds a Master control in its place. The Buzzaround circuit was made famous by Robert Fripp of King Crimson. 9