Tone Report Weekly Issue 140 - Page 71

check this one out. I experimented with the toggle switch using a humbucker-loaded Telecaster Deluxe. There wasn’t a drastic difference, but there was noticeable clarity in thin mode. Thick mode didn’t become messy, per se, but it just had more girth and grunt. With a Tele featuring the standard setup of two single coils and a Tweed Deluxe clone set clean, it went from light and spanky to fire-breathing dragon with the click of a switch. The Contraband works well hitting a clean or dirty amp. My favorite way to use it is with an amp just on the edge of breakup, with the Firebird, and the switch on thick mode. Something about the mini humbuckers mixed with the ferocious sounds of the Contraband was magical, but the Contraband also sounded great with every amp I tried it through. And while I certainly don’t have access to every amp in the world, when pair