Tone Report Weekly Issue 140 - Page 55

Tech 21 Trademark 60 This amp was released in the late‘90s, so one might be forgiven for assuming it to be less sophisticated than some of the newer amps on this list, but then again the Trademark 60 has spent most of its existence being way ahead of its time. It was designed by Andrew Barta, the engineer behind Tech 21’s Sansamp, and as such it is basically a Sansamp in 60-watt, 1x12 combo amplifier form (A Sansamp amp. Ironic, no?). Like the revolutionary Sansamp, it can conjure up a shocking range of tones, from vintage Fender, Marshall, and Vox sounds, to more modern Mesa-Boogie-style sounds. Its ability to generate these tones entirely within the analog realm continues to amaze, especially in light of current digital modeling technology. Players with behemoth pedalboards will appreciate its formidable capabilities as a platform for effects usage, and will love the diversity of its onboard dirt and its lush Accutronics spring reverb. The Tech 21 Trade &c06VFRƖvBV7F6''PBB6&RfVBFRW6V@&WBVFRWV6fVǒ*FU&W'B6РSP