Tone Report Weekly Issue 140 - Page 53

Orange Crush Pro CR120H Though pedal enthusiasts will find an awful lot to love about Orange’s Crush Pro CR120H head and its sparkling, high headroom cleans, they might find themselves abandoning a few of the dirt pedals on their board after checking out its dirty channel. The CR120H offers a true breakthrough in solid-state grind, providing a dynamic gut punch that ranges from gentle, smooth clipping to a terrifyingly throaty roar. Its sounds are reportedly based on the valvepowered Rockerverb 100, and the Orange R&D team obviously put great effort into capturing this amp’s characteristics in a transistor-based circuit. The result is an extremely affordable (selling new for around 450 bucks) 120-watt head that handily competes with tube amps that cost four or five times as much. Stompbox stompers who don’t give a lick about tube “mojo” and just want an inexpensive, marvelous sounding, highly versatile head in which to feed pedals should look no further. 53