Tone Report Weekly Issue 140 - Page 52

Roland JC-40 No discussion of solid-state guitar amplifiers can be complete without mention of the Roland JC-120, a timeless amp that has long held its own among tube-powered competitors, winning over discerning tonemeisters with its magically three-dimensional clean tones and legendarily hypnotic stereo chorus. The 40th anniversary of this amp was in 2015, and to mark the occasion Roland released the JC-40, a scaleddown 40-watt version of the JC-120. It has all the features that made the 52 TONE TALK // original so singular, but with some marked improvements, including a built-in distortion circuit that totally doesn’t suck (it’s quite good, actually) and a deep, lovely digital reverb. Pedal dudes will delight in how well it pairs with a nice OD or fuzz pedal, and of course the built-in chorus-vibrato circuit is unparalleled in its swirly, mesmerizing texture. Unlike the 120, the 40-watt JC is light and very compact, while also being plenty loud for the stage. Solid-State Sweethearts: 5 Perfect Pedal Platforms