Tone Report Weekly Issue 140 - Page 33

SALVAGECUSTOM Few words send guitar players into a salivating frenzy than “custom.” The idea of handcrafted gear made to order is enough to cause sweaty palpitations that can only be identified as a symptom of G.A.S. Salvage has several customizable models to choose from, with everything from African mahogany to figured maple. You can also spec out your dream board, in any design or theme you want, complete with XLR jacks and a built in power supply and a fancy hard case. When they say custom, they mean business. If you do plan to put in a custom order, do it wisely. Have your dream board all drawn up, but also leave a little room to play with. Once a custom order is done, it’s done, so you’ll want to be sure you’ve dreamed up something that will last a lifetime… or make someone else very happy when you decide to sell it six months later. 33