Tone Report Weekly Issue 140 - Page 21

VARIWAH Ever wanted to use a wah as an LFO-driven modulation effect? As far as I know, only three wahs offer it: the Korg Mr. Multi, the Voodoo Lab Wahzoo (you have to program it and do a little math) and this, the Akai Variwah. In fact, Akai pushes the proverbial envelope in the Variwah, which I consider to be the effects world’s only real stab at this sound—the pedal boasts four knobs, all expression-controllable and assignable via a rotary switch. The controls are Speed, Width, Offset, Sensitivity, and Attack Time (not controllable via the treadle). There is also a separate Pedal Wah setting for traditional use. The Variwah has a ridicul