Tone Report Weekly Issue 115 - Page 8

NOW PLAY THIS POWERED BY EFFECTS DATABASE ➊ BSQ EFFECTS LIGHTS THE FUSE ON THE DYNAMITE OD/ COMPRESSOR Many players need only two effects: overdrive and compressor. BSQ Effects elects to offer both in one space-saving solution with no less control than two individual pedals. The Overdrive side features a two-band EQ along with requisite Drive and Volume controls, while the Comp side goes above and beyond most compressors, offering Compression, Attack and Gain controls. ➊ ➋ MAGNETIC EFFECTS LAUNCHES THE SATELLITE The Satellite is Magnetic Effects’s version of the ultimate transparent overdrive. The Satellite is natural and super dynamic, yielding gain to pick attack and staying low-to-medium gain in nature. Placing the Satellite before any amp keeps its tone largely the same, and features a two-band EQ for fine tuning to one’s total rig. ➋ ➌ WREN AND CUFF TEAMS UP WITH TROY SANDERS TO RELEASE THE ELEPHANT SKIN For those low-enders out there, Troy Sanders likely needs no introduction, but for the uninitiated, he is the bass player from Mastodon. Sanders’s basslines are instantly recognizable, and now he has teamed up with Wren and Cuff for a signature pedal. The Elephant Skin features a Tall Font Russian on one side, and a supercharged boost on the other for searing fuzztones. ➌ 8 NOW PLAY THIS // Buzzworthy Gear