Tone Report Weekly Issue 115 - Page 68

SABBADIUS MOSTRO REVIEW BY YOEL KREISLER STREET PRICE $250.00 “Sabbadius Custom Shop Mostro Synthesizer Fuzz Modulator Inspired by Dante Spinetta.”Try saying that mouthful five times fast. If you can tear your mind away for a minute after attempting, allow me to tell you about an incredibly unique offering hailing from Argentina, in the form of a very modern fuzz with a nice helping of vintage character dolloped on. I have never played a fuzz like this, and probably never will again. Let’s try our hand at this strange beast of fuzz, and see what sort of tones we can deal out of this white box. The Mostro (you won’t 68 GEAR REVIEW // catch me trying to say it’s full name again) is a siliconbased synthesizer fuzz modulator. It originally caught my eye because it has three of my favorite words in it: synthesizer, fuzz, and modulator. While it’s not much of a synthesizer (I imagine the translation may have been a little shaky ), it remains to be quite a cool fuzz that you players will be happy to have in their arsenals. It’s got typical controls for Output and Fuzz, but the Mostro heaps on the weird with the addition of Bias controls, and the oddly named Synth control and Wah Wah Trick controls. I had to reach out Sabbadius Mostro to Mr. Nicolas Sabbadin himself to get clarification on these controls, and he explained to me that the Wah Wah Trick is meant to help tame wah pedals with the use of the fuzz, and if you’re not using a wah, it can be a sort of “fizziness attenuator,” so you can get the fuzz to act more like an overdrive. The Synth Control knob controls the oscillation of the fuzz when in “Deform” mode. Lost? Allow me to explain. This is a fuzz built for performance. There are two switches on the bottom in addition to the rest of the knobs (which by the way, are handmade by Mr.