Tone Report Weekly Issue 115 - Page 57

over stigmata of squeal techniques the MT-CD can get downright John Christ on the matter. Show me “How the Gods Kill” indeed. WHAT WE LIKE If one is after a cheap well-built Marshall-like stomper that can go from classic rock, to hair metal, to thrash, it would prove After that trip down Metal Memory Lane, I must stress near impossible to find a that this box can cover a lot better sounding piece at this price point. In fact, this of musical ground outside unassuming little yellow of the wicked walls. At bruiser can punch well about 10 o’ clock on the Gain with the Level just past above it’s weight in tone—a unity and the Tone between characteristic shared across the range of ModTone ten and two, we are kneepedals. This is a full-range deep in Rio Grande Mudera ZZ Top. That record still distortion pedal in every facet. No nasally dark basssounds so slick today and less overdrive here. It packs this pedal nails the tone at lower Gain settings. Grab a a stack-like wallop that is Strat and turn the tone knob heavy on the tone and light on the wallet—pure to a slightly darker setting and simple. and we are biting distorted doubloons at the tonal end of Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. Basically, if it is a throaty, woody-yetchiming-stack-in-a-box that is needed, the MT-CD will deliver. CONCERNS Want to pay a premium for hand-painted graphics, mythical clipping diodes and little aromatic jute bags? Look elsewhere. The MTCD sounds way better than it looks, but some will miss out because the price is just too low for it to rock right? Wrong. 57