Tone Report Weekly Issue 115 - Page 53

STEP 7 Enjoy! If your build doesn’t fire up right away like mine did, you may need to hold your board up to my layout and triple-check everything is correctly placed. Next, check the transistor pinouts to make sure they are correct (collector on top, base in middle, emitter on bottom). If you followed my multimeter suggestion from earlier and these two things don’t fix the build, look for missed solder points or bad solder joints (they should be shiny, not cloudy). Failing all these, it may be a faulty component. These things happen. What does it sound like, you might ask? This particular specimen is fat as all get out, and dooms out with the best of them, presenting a thick, unruly fuzz that sustains for days. It’s equally at home with classic rock as it is with pulverizing blackened stoner rock. It’s awesome. If you don’t believe me, here’s a clip of Andy playing it with a mild-mannered Telecaster into his DRRi. Happy soldering! 53