Tone Report Weekly Issue 115 - Page 52

STEP 4 4. Connect lugs 2, 3 and 6 on the switch with a wire and solder them. Connect the other end of the wire to the negative lug on DC power, but do not solder it. Connect another wire from the DC power negative to the sleeve lug on the input jack. Solder the DC lug but not the sleeve lug. Run a wire from the input jack sleeve lug to the output jack sleeve lug, then solder the input sleeve lug. Leave the output jack sleeve lug unsoldered for now. STEP 5 Connect the input jack tip lug to lug 9 on the switch—the same one with the unsoldered resistor lead from Step 2— and solder it. Connect the output jack tip lug to lug 8 on the switch. STEP 6 5 . 6. 52 TONE TALK // Install the potentiometers. Note: if your potentiometers have small metal “teeth” on them that prevents you from installing them all the way, just snap them off with a pair of pliers. Normally, these are used in conjunction with another small hole to anchor the potentiometer. Connect the input wire on the board to lug 5 on the switch, then connect the wire from lug 2 on the Gain potentiometer to lug 7 on the switch. Connect the 9v wire from the board to the positive terminals of the DC jack, making sure to span BOTH lugs with this wire. Finally, attach the ground wire from the board to the unsoldered output jack sleeve lug from Step 4. Vintage Fuzz Treasure Chest: Build Your Own SRS EQ Exciter