Tone Report Weekly Issue 115 - Page 51

STEP 1 Install jacks, footswitch and DC power jack. Place the LED in the bezel and mount the bezel. I turn my footswitch this way because the LED’s negative leg (cathode, the shorter one) goes to lug 1 of the switch, and this helps me thread the leg directly into the lug. I also turn my jacks this way because it keeps the tip (signal) and sleeve (ground) lugs on the same sides. 1. STEP 2 Solder the LED’s negative leg into the switch lug 1, then use the resistor lead you saved to run between lugs 4 and 9. Solder lug 4, but leave lug 9 unsoldered. 2. STEP 3 Wrap the 2.2k resistor around the LED’s positive leg, and solder it. Then thread the other end of the resistor into the DC jack’s positive terminals. There are three lugs on a standard DC power jack. Two look the same, and one looks different. The identical lugs are the positive, and the different is the negative. Do not solder the DC jack yet. 3. 51