Tone Report Weekly Issue 115 - Page 50

HERE’S THE PARTS LIST FOR THE ENCLOSURE: 1x enclosure drilled for two knobs, an LED, input and output jacks, footswitch and power (six holes total). I used a 1590B enclosure, feel free to use any size you’d like. I drilled my own enclosure, but you can buy them pre-drilled at and 50 TONE TALK // 2x quarter-inch mono jacks 1x 5mm LED 1x LED bezel 1x 3PDT latching footswitch (NOT momentary) 1x 2.2k resistor 1x DC power jack 2x knobs Better than Vintage Fuzz the Treasure Real Thing: Chest: 5 Incredible Build YourTape OwnFlangers  SRS EQ Exciter