Tone Report Weekly Issue 115 - Page 49

STEP 4 Install the non-electrolytic capacitors, bend the leads, solder and clip. STEP 5 Install the electrolytic capacitors, bend the leads, solder and clip. 4. STEP 6 Cut the transistor leads to fit, then wedge the transistors into the sockets. Try to leave the inner and outer legs of the transistor at 45 degree angles instead of bent outward and then downward. This ensures that the transistors won’t come loose. STEP 7 6. Run the wires to the potentiometers, input, 9v and ground. STOP! 7. At this time, checking continuity across rows and across cuts is a good idea. Get a multimeter, set the mode to what looks like a soundwave, and make sure it doesn’t beep across each adjacent row and to the left and right of any cut (and because the right side of rows E and F are connected by a jumper, they will beep). This will ensure that you don’t have to pull the board out for more work once it’s in. 49