Tone Report Weekly Issue 115 - Page 48

STEP 1 First, install the sockets. Place them in the board, then place a flat object like a coaster or CD case on top. Flip it over to hold the sockets in place and solder. 1. STEP 2 Install the resistors. You can solder in the diode at this time, it’s roughly the same size. Bend the leads, then flip over and solder. Throw away the diode leads (they’re too thick) but save the resistor leads. 2. STEP 3 Use these discarded leads as the jumper wires. Place them, bend the ends and solder. Your resistors may not have long enough leads to make the connection between M,A and M,H, so just use a piece of wire instead. Save just one extra lead. 3. 48 TONE TALK // Vintage Fuzz Treasure Chest: Build Your Own SRS EQ Exciter