Tone Report Weekly Issue 115 - Page 38

Laney Lionheart L5-Studio I have been a big fan of Laney ever since owning my very first “serious” tube amp, the Laney Cub. The Lionheart series (like the Cub series that preceded it) is a nod to the Hiwatt sound, with really punchy dynamics, clarity, warmth, and headroom for days. The L5 Studio i s Laney’s latest jump into the home and studio market, and features that same great Lionheart tone that’s found in its bigger amps. Like most of these, the L5-Studio features a clean and drive channel with a shared three-band EQ, as well as a global tone control and an onboard reverb. On the back, it’s got an XLR DI out with cab emulation, a USB out with a re-amp send, a headphone out, and FX loop, and a switchable output from the full five watts down to one-half watt. For the sound alone, this amp is worth the time if for fans of Hiwatts, but for the insane amount of extra features that this amp, it’s a very easy sell. 38 TONE TALK // SPECS: 1X EL84 POWER TUBE AND 3X 12AX7 PREAMP TUBES SWITCHABLE CLEAN AND DRIVE CHANNELS WITH THREE-BAND EQ AND PRESENCE (TONE) CONTROL REVERB XLR OUT WITH CAB SIM USB OUT AND RE-AMP OUT DEDICATED FX LOOP AND SWITCHABLE POWER Keep it Down: 5 Tiny Amps for Close Quarters