Tone Report Weekly Issue 115 - Page 37

Orange Micro Terror SPECS: While there is an absolute bevy of lunchbox heads from Orange aimed towards the metalhead with shallow pockets, I have decided to focus on the Micro Terror, which is quite possibly the smallest tube amp I have ever seen. It is not incredibly complex, nor is it chock full of features, and it most definitely is not expensive. This gainy little monster manages to stay so small because of its hybrid design utilizing both tube and solid-state technologies. Now before readers go all “tone snob” on me for using the “s-word,” allow me to explain. This amp does one thing, and it does it incredibly well. If players enjoy tones darker and meatier then a growling black bear on a dark mountain, this is the amp to own. Admittedly, the lack of features of this amp may deter some, but for the price and size, guitarists would be hard-pressed not to take it for a whirl. For those who want that dark Orange sound but are worried the Micro Terror doesn’t have enough features, look no further than the Orange Micro Dark, another hybrid tube and solidstate design that utilizes an FX loop and adjustable mids control. INCREDIBLY SMALL 12AX7 PREAMP WITH SOLIDSTATE POWER AMP AUX INPUT HEADPHONE OUT 20 WATTS GLOBAL TONE KNOB FOR BASS AND TREBLE CONTROLS 37