Tone Report Weekly Issue 115 - Page 34

Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 I thought I would start with this tried-andtrue classic from the German amplification manufacturer Hughes & Kettner. This is one of the very first amps that took the entire package of recording, gigging and practicing into consideration. With its uniquely beautiful LED-lit Plexiglas faceplate, it’s not only a stunner in the looks department, but in the sound department as well. It is dual channel—one for clean and one for dirty—and both channels share hi-fi modern characteristics that this amp embodies. The Tubemeister is an incredible choice for those traveling abroad, as it is small enough to fit under an airplane seat, and it features an XLR output jet setters can send it to the mixing board of any venue without having to lug a cab around. 34 TONE TALK // SPECS: CLEAN AND LEAD CHANNEL WITH SHARED THREE-BAND EQ SWITCHABLE BOOST FOR LEAD CHANNEL H&K REDBOX XLR DI OUTPUT WITH CAB SIM SWITCHABLE POWER SOAK FROM 81 WATTS TO ONE WATT 2X EL84 POWER TUBES AND 2X 12AX7 PREAMP TUBES Keep it Down: 5 Tiny Amps for Close Quarters