Tone Report Weekly Issue 115 - Page 33

Every guitarist’s dream is to stand behind a wall of amplifiers and lean back against the sound; we want our tones to sing with sustain and ring out with commanding bravado. Unfortunately, most of the time, we find ourselves in our rooms and our studios, with angry spouses, groaning roommates, pissed off neighbors, and children wincing in pain as they cover their ears and run. When non-musicians are in close quarters, they never quite seem to understand the ageold explanation, “but the dynamics are better when it’s loud!” For all they care, players can take their guitar and dynamics with them to the curb. While a select few are blessed to crank the living daylights out of 100-watt stacks and get that singing sustain all of us are chasing, most of us are in our rooms and apartments, with kids, roommates or spouses in the next room. When inspiration strikes, (and it can strike at some very inopportune times), or when we finally find time to sit down and play, we need some way to get our ideas recorded or into the air at a reasonable volume, with all those lovely dynamics that other non-musicians near us can’t seem to stand. Like many before me have said: now is one of the best times to be a guitarist. Many amp companies have caught onto this home and studio market, and are putting out incredible “lunchbox” style amps for silent home recording or practicing, without sacrificing t