Tone Report Weekly Issue 115 - Page 18

Southeast Portland’s Retro Mechanical Labs builds dirt boxes that look as unique as they sound, often housing its creations in re-purposed vintage electronic test equipment enclosures, and outfitting them with working VU meters and vintage knobs. It also builds some custom enclosures by hand, distressing them to look like old test devices and tricking them out with vintage knobs and components. As such, many RML effects often look more at home in a recording studio or sitting atop a handsome antique wooden 18 TONE TALK // desk than on a pedalboard (though the company does offer some designs in standard stompbox enclosures, as well). Beyond the one-of-a-kind look, these pedals conjure up a wide range of tones that typically go from sweet and musical to totally insane, and back again. RML’s Electron Fuzz is a standout, looking gorgeous and producing everything from warm, dynamic sustain to absolutely molten sonic doom. 8 Pedal Makers that Rule Portland, Oregon