Tone Report Weekly Issue 115 - Page 17

I cannot write an article about the local pedal scene without giving a shoutout to my boy Matt Wright, Portland’s favorite guitar rehabilitator, and creator of the inimitable Fuzz-Stang. Mr. Wright’s company, WrightSounds, hasn’t produced a lot of pedals, but it has given us a genuine modern classic in the Fuzz-Stang. This unique and shockingly dynamic buzz box lives on the pedalboards of more than a few mad guitar geniuses, including Bill Frisell, Marc Ribot, Craig LeBlang, and Jon Spencer. It is a recreation of the ultra rare ‘60s Sam Ash Fuzz Stainer, built by hand with lots of love, experience, and reliable modern components, and the palette of sounds it can produce is surprising and inspiring. Unlike a lot of splatty, ripping velcro fuzz pedals, it ain’t no one-trick pony. The Fuzz-Stang is less an effect, and more like an instrument that you write entire songs around. 17