Tone Report Weekly Issue 115 - Page 13

In an industry that is positively overrun with clones and imitators, a company that prioritizes innovation and unique circuits is a rare thing. Southeast Portland’s Mr. Black began in 2012 as an offshoot of Jack Deville Electronics, which itself began in 2008, and in that time the company has released a number of trailblazing designs, each of which delves deeply into territory previously unexplored by less-adventurous builders. Mr. Black harnesses its mastery of DSP to create peerless reverbs like the Supermoon and haunting modulated delays like the beloved Dark Echo. Through-zero flanging, in the style of analog tape flanging effects, is a particular favorite effect of mine, and Mr. Black offers no less than two pedals in its line that beautifully reproduce this magical sound. The company pairs its innovative design approach with a commitment to keeping its products compact, simple, affordable, and reliable, further endearing it to rockers in Portland and beyond. 13