Tone Report Weekly Issue 114 - Page 9

➍ TECH 21 GOES SUBSONIC WITH BASS FLY RIG 5 ➍ Finally, bass players get the Fly Rig treatment. Tech 21’s Fly Rig series aims to provide a one-stop do-it-all rig for players who don’t want the hassle of huge pedalboards. In fact, the Fly Rig pedals can be kept in a gig bag or what have you. The Bass version is the most comprehensive yet; it includes a compressor, SansAmp, tuner, octaver and chorus. ➎ BLACK CAT UNVEILS THE LIMITED MK1 BRITANNIA ➎ The MK1 Britannia is a painstaking tribute to the classic MK1 Tone Bender using all vintage, period-correct components, including a stash of Mullard germanium transistors, OC77 and OC75 to be exact. These transistors compliment a full clip of Mullard mustard capacitors, Philips axial electrolytic capacitors and carbon composition resistors. These are extremely limited, with only seven made. ➏ FRIDAY CLUB ANNOUNCES ITS FLAGSHIP FUZWAMI ➏ Manufactured by the one-and-only Jack Deville of Mr. Black fame, the Fuzwami is an original fuzz circuit that runs the gamut from smooth, smoky fuzz to allout audience-liquefying gobs of fuzz. Three knobs—Slice, Boom and Bang— provide a canvas on which to sculpt one of several fuzz tones hidden inside the Fuzwami. 9