Tone Report Weekly Issue 114 - Page 8

NOW PLAY THIS POWERED BY EFFECTS DATABASE ➊ SEYMOUR DUNCAN GOES ELEMENTAL WITH THE PALLADIUM With many pedals on the market claiming to sound “amp-like,” the Palladium takes the next step and accurately delivers as advertised. Featuring a host of knobs including intuitive mids shaping, a full EQ, Presence control, and a unique Resonance control, the Palladium happily accepts the challenge of “amp in a box.” A built-in boost juices the pedal further, with its own footswitch for separate activation. ➊ ➋ MOJO HAND REINVENTS SPACE WITH THE NEBULA REDUX Mojo Hand’s Nebula Redux builds on the excellent tones of the original Nebula, adding a Thickness toggle to seriously juice the circuit. The core of the Nebula is a classic-sounding two-stage phaser circuit that imparts its magic onto any rig it sits upon, and it pairs exceptionally well with some of Mojo Hand’s higher-gain offerings, like the Iron Bell. ➋ ➌ ALEXANDER EXPANDS ITS AMNESIA TO OBLIVION Born of the same circuitry as its incredible Amnesia delay, the Oblivion starts at the already broad feature set and radically expands it, giving players tap tempo, several different subdivisions, 128 MIDI presets and much more. Delay times from 10 to 900 milliseconds are available, for long, lush, analog soundscapes that stretch the boundaries of which vintage units are capable. ➌ 8 NOW PLAY THIS // Buzzworthy Gear