Tone Report Weekly Issue 114 - Page 62

KINGSLEY MINSTREL VERSION 2 REVIEW BY NICK RAMBO STREET PRICE $325.00 You’re probably obsessed with getting “tube tone” in a pedal, right? It’s a pretty safe bet, considering that the overwhelming majority of drive pedals on the market today really want to sound—and feel—like a good old-fashioned tube amp. Just read the descriptions and marketing copy. It’s all in there. Of course, this sentiment bleeds into the guitar forums and message boards I frequent, too. It seems like there’s always at least one thread near the top of the page about which stompbox would be best for replicating the tone and 62 GEAR REVIEW // texture of authentic valve distortion. So if this is something that interests you—and again, it probably is—I’ve got good news: the Kingsley Minstrel is literally a tube amp inside a pedal housing. KEEP IT REAL I interviewed Simon Jarrett, owner of Kingsley Amplifiers and mastermind behind the Minstrel and a variety of other tube-driven pedals, for the August 2014 issue of Tone Report. “A good tube circuit reacts to picking nuances, translates subtleties and feels good when you play,” he said. “It’s hard Kingsley Minstrel Version 2 to compete with the feel, dynamics and response of a great guitar plugged into a great amp—I am looking for the same experience when adding pedals.” So in building the Minstrel, Jarrett essentially put together a small, handwired tube amp with highgrade components onto a tagboard. Needless to say, the gutshot is a true wonder to behold. It features a single 12AX7 tube that’s pushed into overdrive by a FET for some of the most authentically amp-like tones I’ve ever heard out of a stompbox. (And I’ve played a ton of them.)