Tone Report Weekly Issue 114 - Page 54

NEUNABER SLATE STEREO V2 REVIEW BY NICK RAMBO STREET PRICE $239.00 The Neunaber Slate is arguably the most perfectly named pedal I’ve come across—and for a couple of reasons. First off, you can load it with any of Neunaber’s proprietary effect algorithms using their intuitive Pedal Customizer interface. So if you want the sound of Wet Reverb, Chroma Chorus, Echelon Echo, or Seraphim Shimmer, it’s just a USB cable away. And second, you can actually use it as you would a blank slate, scribbling on its surface with a Sharpie marker, and then wiping it away with the help of a little isopropyl alcohol. Like I said—perfectly named. 54 GEAR REVIEW // HAVE IT YOUR WAY Neunaber’s product line currently focuses on timebased effects like reverb, delay and chorus, all of which use an analog dry signal path for low noise and zero latency. From an architectural standpoint, these effects can be very similar—if not identical, in some cases. Changing the sound is as simple as installing a new firmware, which makes the Slate a multi-effect pedal of sorts, thanks to the Pedal Customizer software. As of this review, Pedal Customizer offers seven varieties of reverb, three different shimmer effects, Neunaber Slate Stereo V2 five chorus variations, six delay models, and two other effects including an infinite hold and a newly released tremolo concept. Even better, most of these algorithms feature with a variety of virtual trimpots, footswitch options, and alternate knob layouts that you can use to further customize your pedal. With such a vast range of tonal options, we haven’t been able to try all of them (yet), but rest assured that there are plenty of fantastic tones to be found. And what’s great is that new sounds are always being developed and refined by the Neunaber team.