Tone Report Weekly Issue 114 - Page 48

Boss DD-3 Analog Delay Mod Is there not a pedal more ubiquitous than the Boss DD-3? It was certainly my first pedal, and I suspect it was also the first of many others. Most of us desired a delay because they “made stuff repeat,” and the novelty began and ended there. That said, it took us some time to recognize the amenities of analog delay: The repeats got dark in a hurry, lost a little fidelity and just sounded “warmer.” This exodus from analog to digital and back to analog happened in almost every facet of guitar gear. Luckily there is a mod you can do to the DD-3 that recaptures this dirty analog glory with minimal effort. What you need: Soldering iron, 0.068uF (68nF) capacitor (bigger or smaller for a more- or lessdrastic effect), screwdriver. Optional: SPST toggle switch, wire (if you want to be able to switch “analog mode” on and off). The fix: Remove the backplate of the DD-3 and dig out the board. This mod is very simple: solder one leg of the 68nF capacitor to the center lug of the “F.Back” knob, and solder the other leg to ground (such as the enclosure itself). If you’d like to put this on a toggle switch, solder the capacitor to the middle lug of the F.Back control, then the other end to the middle lug of the toggle. Solder a piece of wire to the other switch lug, then solder the other end of the wire to ground. Easy as pie! 48 TONE TALK // 5 Minimal Mods for Budding Builders