Tone Report Weekly Issue 114 - Page 43

Boss TR-2 Tremolo “C4 Mod” Story time: I once performed this modification for a Nashville studio musician, transforming the humble Boss TR-2 into, and I quote, “the best tremolo [he’s] ever heard.” Now that I have your attention, users who bought a Boss TR-2 on the second-hand market might notice a slight volume drop when engaging. This volume drop also begets a distinctive “mush” in the modulation which can drive tremoloheavy players bananas. For those guys and gals playing low-budget surf rock, the older TR-2s can really take some curl out of the waves. This, the C4 mod (which is in no way related to plastic explosives) reinstalls some of the pep that’s siphoned out of the modulation, as well as restores that precious volume. What you’ll need: Screwdriver, wire cutters or nail clippers The fix: Remove the back from the pedal, and remove the board. Look at the component side, and hunt around for a capacitor (looks like a Chicklet) marked “C4.” Using the clippers, remove this capacitor. No, really, that’s it. For fun, you can change the color of the LED (just remove the stock LED and replace it with a different-colored 3mm LED) so people can know you modded it. Of course, that is totally optional. 43