Tone Report Weekly Issue 114 - Page 42

Blue Box C11 Mod Many players relied upon the Blue Box as an experimental lark within that brief period when guitar gets “boring” before you truly learn how to play. As such, there are thousands of Blue Boxes sitting in closets all over the world. The main complaint when trying to revisit this unit is that its output isn’t too high and the sound is super compressed. We can fix that with a simple modification. What you’ll need: Wire clippers or fingernail clippers, screwdrivers, pliers The fix: It doesn’t get much easier than this one: remove the board from the enclosure and locate C11 (different models will have it in different locations). Snip it out. That’s all! Of course, you can put this on a switch if you really want to, but if you’re pulling this out of a closet anyway, who cares about switching it on and off? 42 TONE TALK // 5 Minimal Mods for Budding Builders