Tone Report Weekly Issue 114 - Page 41

Let’s face it: As pedal geeks, we are perfectionists. When one of our boxes simply isn’t cutting it, the whole arrangement is off, and we aren’t too happy about it. When money is no object, those of us dissatisfied with the sound of our current gear often satiate this feeling by simply buying more pedals. While this is a great fantasy to keep tucked in the back of our minds in the “Powerball” file, this is not feasible for many of us. Some guitarists are handy with a soldering iron, and certain situations pose no threat to a rig’s integrity. Those with the know-how to modify pedals will often do so, space permitting. However when dissatisfaction meets a lack of knowledge and funds, this is where inner turmoil can chip away at a person. Worry no more, my friend, for I have amassed a list of some very popular pedal modifications for you, the novice, which can be performed with minimal knowledge. Some of these mods require no parts at all—just some tools! Words by Nicholas Kula 41