Tone Report Weekly Issue 114 - Page 35

Don’t settle for mediocre tones It’s easy to record a mediocre, standard issue rock guitar tone. This is not, however, what most of us are imagining when we’re thinking about what we want our next record to sound like. Most players yearn for an idealized version of what they hear when standing in front of their amp, but getting a tone with that kind of power, depth, and realism to tape (or DAW) can be maddeningly difficult, and many first-time recording guitarists come away from the experience disappointed. This disappointment can be avoided however, simply by listening critically to the sound that’s coming out of your amp, and by taking the time to make wise choices with microphones and the placement of them. If you can get these elements dialed in and under control, everything else will fall into place, and the sweet tones that you hear in your head can also be the sweet tones you hear on your next recording. 35