Tone Report Weekly Issue 114 - Page 24

Like on most clips, the Colour Box really brings forth that high-end detail. The attack is really sweetened, and there is some wonderful body added to the tone. While it still sounds good on its own (well done Focusrite!), the Colour Box adds that perfect amount of oomph and hi-fi clarity to make it stand forward in a mix. There is a nice bit of distortion added to the modulated repeats, and it seems envelopes around one’s head. Again, the lower-mids and lows are fattened and warmed up, giving this synth just enough power to be the rhythmic backbone for any track. Situation 4: Analog Synthesizer I know, I know, this is a guitar magazine. Why am I letting my deviant love of noise machines bleed into an article about guitars? Before you get out your pitchforks, allow me to explain. The Colour Box is a studio tool above all else. I love my synthesizers, and back in the old days almost all synths were tracked either directly to tape or direct in to the mixing desk. I know many players may like to use synthesizers either in VST or hardware format, and I wanted to show how this box can impart a bit of meat and character to an analog synth track. For this clip, I used my trusty Arturia Minibrute, running a very basic patch, with the LFO set to sample and hold (a bit like The Who’s 905). With the Colour Box engaged, one can really hear the meat added to the track. 24 TONE TALK // There you have it, ladies and gentleman. JHS has really hit it out of the park with the Colour Box, and impressed me thoroughly. My main philosophy when it comes to gear is versatility—no one-trick ponies here. Dare I say: The Colour Box is by far one of the most versatile pieces of kit I have ever owned, and I would heartily recommend it to guitar players and studio owners. For just a guitar pedal, it’s a little steep, but for a really nice 1073 preamp disguising as a guitar pedal, this is quite possibly one of the best kept secrets in the recording industry. Outside the Box: Four Outstanding Uses for the JHS Colour Box