Tone Report Weekly Issue 114 - Page 22

Situation 1: Mic Warmer I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten a lackluster sound from my mics. I go through all the trouble of setting up my SM57, and finding the perfect sweet spot after an hour of tweaking. After hitting record and playing my piece, I’ll get a really uninspired, dull, and overall boring sound. The sound coming through my speakers is most definitely not the sound I hear in my room. I would like to mention now that the Colour Box is no substitute for bad mic technique; it’s akin to putting a Band-Aid over an amputated limb. However, players who have tried absolutely every trick in the book and still dislike their amp’s sound, the Colour Box may be able to help. For this clip, I used my Stratocaster equipped with D. Allen Echoes pickups, into a Buffal o FX TD-X, running out through a Hi-Tone DR-30. It was miked with an Shure SM57 into a Focusrite 2i2, and I apologize in advance for the clipping. 22 TONE TALK // The difference here is subtle, but if you’re listening to the right frequencies it’s quite noticeable. In this clip, the highs open up beautifully and the low-mids are sort of rounded out a little. The drive’s characteristic is a little more hi-fi, and you can more accurately hear what’s going on in the room. Outside the Box: Four Outstanding Uses for the JHS Colour Box