Tone Report Weekly Issue 114 - Page 20

I am wholeheartedly sure that by now tube. However, what sets the Colour you have heard of the JHS Colour Box, Box apart is it’s not only marketed as a the transformer-based boost/overdrive/ EQ based on the preamp section of the hallowed Neve 1073 analog console. It is part of a revolution of sorts in this golden age of guitar stompboxes—using transformers as the source of our wellloved dirt as opposed to tried-and-true transistors or the ever-popular vacuum 20 TONE TALK // stompbox, but also as a studio unit for adding a warm color to tracks before hitting the DAW or tape. This naturally got my GAS engine revving, as I began to see the incredible potential of this unit past just a modest stompbox. I reached out to JHS on behalf of Tone Report and presented my ideas of this feature to Outside the Box: Four Outstanding Uses for the JHS Colour Box