Tone Report Weekly Issue 114 - Page 16

TC Electronic Vortex Flanger Players who need a broad array of top-shelf flanging tones in one very small and easyto-use stompbox would be hard pressed to do better than the TC Electronic Vortex. TC built its formidable reputation largely on the quality of its modulation sounds, so it’s only right that the Vortex is such a flawless and thoughtfully designed pedal. It will do all those Eddie Van Halen sounds, the warbly, watery Andy Summers tones, and much, much more. Tape flanging devotees love it for its dedicated Tape mode, which is engaged by flipping the pedal’s mini toggle switch to the downward position, and for its overall ease of use. Stereo input and output and TC’s TonePrint technology add further layers of versatility to this already versatile pedal. 16 TONE TALK // Downloading new sounds for it is easy as pie, and the TC Electronic website is rich with tape flange TonePrints that are sure to inspire. Genuine through-zero tape flanging tones have long been elusive for the guitarist wanting to recreate studio effects in a live situation. Traditional flanger circuits can often come close, but that distinctive through-zero comb filter sweep is mighty hard to replicate convincingly, and a portable tape-based option has, somewhat surprisingly, never appeared. Yearn no more, my friends! I am happy to report that tape flanging tones are here to stay, thanks to the golden era of guitar effects that we are lucky enough to love in, and they will fit nicely on your pedalboard. Go forth and flange. Better than the Real Thing: 5 Incredible Tape Flangers