Tone Report Weekly Issue 114 - Page 14

Strymon Deco The Deco is, to put it succinctly, a miracle. For any guitarist or studio rat who has ever daydreamed of the glorious sonic possibilities that could be had if only a couple quarter-inch tape decks could somehow be pressed into service as portable effects units, the Deco will make those dreams real. In the past, there were so many things one could do in a studio environment with a pair of tape machines that simply could not be adequately reproduced in a live scenario. The Deco solves this conundrum by squeezing what amounts to a pair of 14 TONE TALK // virtual tape decks into one brilliant, very portable stompbox. It does many things well, including slapback echo, tape saturation effects, and double-tracking, but we’re here to talk about the through-zero tape flanging tones. The Deco can reproduce a huge spectrum of tape flanging effects, from subtle, static filtering sounds, to dramatic through zero sweeps, and its AutoFlange feature is both very easy to manipulate in real time, and lends to a more interactive feel. Tape effects enthusiasts cannot live without a Strymon Deco.  Better than the Real Thing: 5 Incredible Tape Flangers