Tone Report Weekly Issue 114 - Page 12

Catalinbread Zero Point Catalinbread’s Zero Point Flanger might be as close as you can get to real tape flange feel on a pedalboard. The Zero Point dispenses with the usual LFO-based circuitry and predictable controls of every other flanger pedal, instead going with a bypass switch to turn it on and off, and a simple momentary switch that simulates the act of pressing one’s finger on the tape flange of an analog tape deck, thus altering its speed to create that glorious lag and comb-filtering that we all know and love. Turning the pedal on engages a pair of delay 12 TONE TALK // lines, resulting in a subtly modulated tone with a lovely aura of tape saturation and analog harmonic complexity. Kick in the momentary switch and one delay line begins to hang behind, creating that throughzero flanging sound that becomes ever more dramatic as it nears the zero point. The coolest thing about Catalinbread’s Zero Point Flanger is its interactivity. The momentary switch makes it a truly real-time effect, lending it an expressiveness that no other flanger can match, and its tone is warm and a little dirty, just like the real thing.  Better than the Real Thing: 5 Incredible Tape Flangers