Tone Report Weekly 203 - Page 65

started playing was that the chassis felt slightly flimsy. This may be due to the entire body being made of plastic, rather than a steel base with a plastic pedal like most wahs. Also, this may be a nitpick, but it felt like the footswitch at the toe of the pedal was slightly higher than the norm for most wahs. This wasn’t much of an issue when I was standing up playing with my boots on, but sitting down playing in my slippers when I got this thing to my apartment felt slightly awkward thanks to the angle. Starting with a basic Crybaby setting, the tone was bright with a lot of midrange, reminding me a lot of ‘60s Vox wahs favored by Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. The sweep was full and pronounced, but a little harsh on the high end (rolling up the BOT compensated). The Talk setting was a lot of fun though, particularly with the low end rolled up. It reminded me less of Peter Frampton, and more of Daft Punk if that makes sense. But MAN, were we off to the races when I engaged the fuzz! I had the Tone and Drive at about 2:00 but the Bias cranked to get the clearest signal. The PRE setting was a wash of white noise, the sweep just sounding like waves of TV static. Where it really came to life though was with the Talk setting, with the voice sounding very pronounced. The Crybaby position seemed to thrive the most with the POST setting so I’d recommend that if you get a chance to try this out. C O N C ER N S Lots of harsh high-end if you don’t play with the settings. Also, not sure yet how well the plastic casing can hold up to the rigors of frequent use or touring. All that steel casing EHX has and they couldn’t sculpt some of it into a wah shape? W H AT W E LI K E Tons of features to help you sculpt the kind of wah you want for a reasonable price. ToneRepor t .com 6 5