Tone Report Weekly 203 - Page 64

GEAR SPOTLIGHT ISSUE 203 O C T O B E R 27 ELECTRO - HAR M O N IX COCK FIGHT PLUS REVIEW BY S.P. BURKE STREET PRICE $123.50 Considering how long it’s been in the business and all of the eclectic pedals it’s made, it’s surprising to realize that it’s been decades since Electro- Harmonix made a proper wah pedal. The company is finally rectifying that though with the Cock Fight Plus. And considering all the features under the hood, it’s making up for lost time. The Cock Fight Plus (living up to its name, coming in a bright yellow box with an angry rooster on it) is an offshoot of Electro- Harmonix’s standalone Cock Fight unit, which was designed to mimic the 64 G EA R S POTLI G HT // sound of a cocked wah. All of the features from the original Cock Fight have been ported over, just in a traditional wah enclosure. This means the Cock Fight Plus has perhaps the most knobs and switches I’ve seen in a wah pedal— Electro-Harmonix spared nothing. On the left side of the chassis is a master volume knob, followed by a “Crybaby/Talk” switch that switches between a traditional wah sound or a more vowel-heavy sound similar to a talk box. After that is a three-way switch that controls the electro - harm o n ix c oc k fig ht plu s onboard fuzz effect; middle disengages the fuzz, top puts the fuzz before the filter, and bottom puts the filter before the fuzz. Finally there’s a BOT (or “Bottom”) knob that controls the low frequency boost. The Tone, Bias, and Drive knobs on the right side of the chassis control the fuzz effect. The Bias knob in particular is important because turning to the right gets the “Normal” sound, but turning to the left decreases the voltage to get the “dying battery” sound Electro-Harmonix overdrives seem to be obsessed with. A concern I had before I