Tone Report Weekly 203 - Page 60

GEA R SPOTLIGHT ISSUE 203 O C T O B E R 27 BOSS / JHS A N G RY D R I V E R REVIEW BY S.P. BURKE STREET PRICE $199.99 When the Angry Driver came up on my docket of pedals to review, I didn’t know what to make of it. What exactly was Boss aiming for here? I was somewhat unfamiliar with JHS, so I didn’t have a point of reference. Turns out the Angry Driver is a bit of an anniversary celebration, specifically Boss’s 40th. Teaming up with JHS, they’ve combined forces Voltron-style to give us two pedals in one. The Angry Driver contains circuits both from Boss’s BD-2 Blues Driver and JHS’s Angry Charlie, essentially giving us one low-gain 60 G EA R S POTLI G HT // overdrive stacked with one high-gain overdrive. Controls are mapped to a set of concentric knobs, and which overdrive you want is controlled with the fourth knob. You can either cycle through manually, or with a remote switch thanks to the additional input jack that’s available. The advantage here is that the Angry Driver lets you combine the effects however you want, including which one comes after the other. Six options are available: just the Boss, just the JHS, series, parallel, JHS before the Boss, or JHS after the Boss. And just to make things b o s s // j h s an g ry d river easier, custom LED colors come up depending on the setting. It says a lot about Boss’s industry power when they can team up with a boutique company like this and have them instantly on board. As I set up, my question was how unique of a product we would get. Boss makes a solid product, but its pedals are rather generic compared to most boutique effects available on the market today. It feels like asking McDonald’s to cook you filet mignon. Plugging in my loyal Humbucker-equipped Strat, I decided my criteria