Tone Report Weekly 203 - Page 56

GEAR SPOTLIGHT ISSUE 203 O C T O B E R 27 MXR CARBON COPY DELUXE REVIEW BY S.P. BURKE STREET PRICE $229.99 1 # TOP TONE In just a few short years, MXR’s Carbon Copy has become one of the most popular delay units on the market. What’s not to like? There’s warm sound, lots of delay time, tons of subtle ways to tweak your tone in a palm-sized package, and a reasonable price. Where else is there to take things but the next level? This is the Carbon Copy Deluxe. MXR has already released two versions of the Carbon Copy: the original with its dark analog sound, and its chipper younger brother the Carbon Copy Bright with 56 G EA R S POTLI G HT // its sharper tone. MXR has not only combined features from both pedals, but also added some new ones. The Carbon Copy Deluxe still boasts some of the original features on its iridescent green chassis. It has the same Mix, Regen, and Delay controls, although delay time has been doubled from 600 milliseconds to 1.2 seconds. It has a Bright switch so you can get both sounds from one pedal, along with a Modulation switch complete with Speed and Depth controls, offered on previous versions but only as internal knobs. Mxr Carb o n c o py d eluxe Completely new features include the onboard tap tempo, an output for an expression pedal, and a handy onboard LED system for subdivisions of the tap tempo: dotted eighths, eighths, triplets, and sixteenths. MXR still retains some internal controls though, with one internal switch for input gain (instrument or line level) and another dry switch for recording. An underrated feature I should mention from the manual is the expression output can control several different functions on the pedal, depending